Galib Mammadov

Galib Mammadov holds seven years of legal experience in Law. Thus, he had worked for one of the leading local law firms of Azerbaijan. On the other hand, he was a lawyer for SOCAR. Yet, it is one of the biggest companies in the region.

Mr. Mammadov mainly specialized in:

  • corporate law,
  • business establishment and planning,
  • debt collection,
  • contract,
  • labor,
  • intellectual property.

However, he is also very experienced in:

  • oil and gas law,
  • dispute resolution,
  • real estate, and;
  • sport law.

Finally, Mr. Mammadov holds bachelor’s in law from Baku State University. Apart from this, he has masters from Washington University in U.S.A.


Kamil Huseynov

Kamil Huseynov is one of the partners of our law firm. Along with, He has ten years of experience. Besides, he has worked for different leading law firms and various state bodies in Azerbaijan.

Mr. Huseynov mainly focuses on:

  • litigation,
  • corporate,
  • finance, and;
  • banking.

At the same time, He is a very good expert on:

  • tax,
  • employment,
  • intellectual property,
  • antitrust & competition, and;
  • family law.

Lastly, Mr. Huseynov, holds an L.L.M degree in international commercial law.


Elvin Allazov

Elvin Allazov is our investment associate. Importantly, he specializes in Investment Analysis and Market Analysis. Besides he is very experienced in preparing Business Plans across multiple sectors.

Yet, he has an early-career background as an investment analyst. In particular, he worked for financial services and private equity firm. Therefore, he has an experience of business planning and financial management. Moreover, he is a great expert of investor relations across many different industries in Baku, Frankfurt am Main and London.

Consequently, his BA degree in Economics is from Azerbaijan State University of Economics. He also holds Masters in Finance from Frankfurt University.


Azer Babayev

Azer Babayev joined the firm as a special counsel in 2019. He maintains a J.D and L.L.M degrees from Baku State University. Unquestionably, he has over 12 years of rich experience. In particular, he served with the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan.

Previously, Mr. Babayev held various senior positions with the Ministry of Taxes.  Thus, he served as head of the Registration Department. Moreover, he served as deputy head of the Economic Analysis Administration. On the other hand, he was a head of Administration of Taxpayers in Service Sector. It was under Baku city SME Department. Importantly, he was in charge of tax administration with more than 172 thousand taxpayers.

Lastly, Mr. Babayev has vast expertise in:

  • tax,
  • finance,
  • litigation,
  • real estate,
  • employment laws, and;
  • all types of tax disputes.


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