With the growing economy and business opportunities many entrepreneurs find themselves in Azerbaijan and try to set-up their own business and handle their immigration issues accordingly. As a result of second oil boom back in 1990s, Azerbaijan attracted many foreign investors and it helped to develop legal services industry. Thus, today many foreign and local law firms, as well as thousands of solo practitioners offer their legal services. But, it is a huge challenge when it comes to reliability and quality of provided services. We have seen many cases where foreigners were the victims of scammers or unprofessional lawyers. The biggest question is: “how to find a right lawyer?”. Here are some tips:1. Check their certification or portfolio. If you are dealing with an advocate, make sure you ask their certification of bar membership. There is a big confusion regarding bar membership as some lawyers present themselves as an advocate without having any certification and most foreigners do not pay any attention. In the case of a law firm, make sure to request statistical information about their previous work and ask for the transactions if they are not deemed confidential.

2. Check what experience does the lawyer have in your type of legal matter and what percentage of their caseload is dedicated to handling your type of legal problem. If you have a tax issue you would not like to find a lawyer/law firm experienced in criminal cases. Some lawyers or law firms will try to assure you that they can handle your case even though it is not their major specialization. But it is not always true.

3. Ask what are their fees and how they intend to charge you. Professional law firms and lawyers have standard rates for each category of cases and they do not charge taking into account the client’s finances. In addition, make sure that your lawyer offers to you a services agreement describing scope of work, obligations and liabilities of your lawyer, fees, payment conditions and confidentiality obligations.

4. Ask what is their track record of success. They should have a clear mechanism of measuring their success rate and such records should be open to clients.

5. Try to find feedbacks about the lawyer and law firm and check credibility of such feedback. If you find a feedback, try to contact the author of such feedback and ask for their experience in a first hand. Local and international legal guides like HG.org are good sources for getting feedbacks. Almost all reputable law firms and lawyers have presence in such directories.

6. Ask all prospective lawyers how you will be able to contact them and how long it will take them to return your communications. And don’t assume that because the lawyer seems friendly and easy to talk to that it’s okay to overlook this step.

If you have a checkmark in all of the abovementioned points regarding your prospective lawyer, you seem safe in terms of reliability of such lawyer. Make sure you make your own research before you decide on a lawyer.

This article was prepared as a general information by the attorneys of Baku Attorneys & Consultants (BAC), Azerbaijani law firm. BAC is a full service law firm based in Baku and it has a strong team of highly experienced attorneys and consultants, specialized in rendering various expert services to foreign and local clients in Azerbaijan. Please, feel free to reach us via www.batco.az to further discuss your case.

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