Changes to the Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Law on State Fee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, effective from 27 July 2019 provides for new rules regarding extension of temporary residence permit (TRP), reviewing applications for TRP depending on the state fee paid for, grounds of obtaining TRP, list of documents required for obtaining TRP and so on. Below please find the main changes to the migration legislation:

1. TRP can be extended when TRP of father, mother, spouse, child, brother or sister of foreigner is extended.

2. In difference with the previous rule determining the period of granting or extension of TRP, which is 20 business days, and the standard state fee paid therefor, which are from AZN 30 (app. USD 17.64) up to USD 120 (app. USD 70.58), new rules envisage that new state fees for obtaining and extension of TRP. Under such changes, TRP can be obtained or extended within either 15 business days or 20 business days and the state fees are differentiated from AZN 15 (app. USD 8.82) up to AZN 480 (app. USD 282.35) depending on the age, term of TRP (e.g. 3 months or 1 year, etc.), number of days determined for reviewing the application.

3. New rules also envisage certain new grounds for obtaining TRP in Azerbaijan. Some of them are listed below:

(i) depositing AZN 100,000 (app. USD 58,823) in the banks operating in Azerbaijan based on the time deposit agreements;

(ii) being a specialist whose list determined by the relevant executive authority;

(iii) belonging to certain categories persons who are not required to obtain work permit in Azerbaijan such as sailors, media workers, professors and lecturers inviting to attend courses in universitites, sportmen, etc.

4. If a foreigner intends to obtain TRP based on the ground of relative relathionship then such relative is required to give his (her) written notarised consent. In previous rules did not stipulate this document. Furthermore, according to the new rules while granting TRP based on the ground that the relative has TRP the state migration authority shall consider the term of TRP of the relevant relative.

5. The new rules envisage the following new grounds for temination of TRP (or rejection to extend TRP) in addition to the previous list of grounds:

(i) when an owner of the property (i.e. home, flat), who gave a consent to a foreigner to be registered with his (her) property in order to obtain TRP, requests for the termianation of such registration and within 10 business days after such request the foreigner does not submit documents with regard to the new property;

(ii) when a foreigner to whom an administrative penalty imposed on with regard to violation of the rules on residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan fails to pay such penalty.

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  • by Ahsan Posted October 15, 2019 12:23 pm

    Hello glad to be here could u plz tell me that our company director is not in country and i as assistant director can i apply for TRC with out director of company

    • by admin Posted October 17, 2019 12:10 pm

      Dear Ahsan,

      Thank you for your question. Could you please write your question to our e-mail below?


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