Custom duties are about to be decreased in accordance with the respective decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic (dated December 17, 2019) which will enter into force on 18 January 2020. The target of decrease is mostly for industrial substances. The major goal is to accelerate industrialization of Azerbaijan and make Azerbaijan more appealing for local as well as foreign entrepreneurs.Amendments are as following and will stay in force for two (2) years:

  1. Pigments and preparations made on the basis of titanium dioxide containing 80% or more of titanium dioxide in dry matter content decreased from 15% to 0%;
  2. Anionic organic surface-active agents, whether or not intended for retail sale, (other categories, except those containing aqueous solution containing 30% or more but not more than 50% alkyl din atrium oxides (benzenesulfonate) decreased from 15% to 0%;
  3. Plastic, linear polyethylene, with specific weight less than 0.94, in primary forms decreased from 15% to 0%;
  4. Products made of vinyl chloride polymers (plastic slab, sheet, film etc.) with plasticizers not less than 6% decreased from 15% to 0%;
  5. Other craft-paper and craft-cartons, weighing more than 150 g but less than 225 g decreased from 15% to 0%;
  6. Single-sided textile phloem fibers decreased from 15% to 0%.
  7. Other bands with a deviation of more than 50 yards / m: Polypropylene decreased from 15% to 0%;
  8. Other multiplicative (twisting) or single-threaded threads: Polyester from 15 to 0%;

That is, goods belonging to this sub-group will be calculated at 0 (zero) %:

  1. Ferroalloys: ferromanganan containing more than 65% manganese in the form and content of pellets not exceeding 5 mm;
  2. Ferroalloys: Other ferromanganese categories;
  3. Ferroalloys: belonging to the other category of ferromanganese;
  4. Ferrosilisium: containing more than 55% silicon;
  5. Ferrosilisium: magnesium content of 4% or more, but not more than 10%;
  6. Ferrosilisium: belonging to the other category;
  7. Ferrosilisium: Ferrosilisiummangan;
  8. Carbon content in ferrochrome exceeding 4%, but not more than 6%.

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