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Each citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan is given fundamental rights. The major goal is to protect and respect human dignity. Azerbaijani citizens get such rights from the moment of birth. The citizens of Azerbaijan Republic hold the abovementioned major fundamental rights:

1) Right to equality

2) Right to life

3) Right to liberty

4) Right to property

5) Right to intellectual property

6) Right to live in safety

7) Right to inviolability of private life

8) Right to inviolability of home

9) Right to marriage

10) Right to work

11) Right to rest

12) Right to social security

13) Right to culture

14) Right to education

15) Right to housing and etc.


The legislative, executive and judiciary bodies observe and to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens. Everyone’s rights and liberties are limited by respective laws, as well as by the rights and liberties of other citizens.

For example, with respect to freedom of speech, the laws allow if such freedom does not violate rights of other citizens. In the case of any violation such rights and freedoms are subject to restriction. For example, if your speech contains wordings supporting terrorism, such acts violates fundamental rights of others.  But, such restrictions on human rights and freedoms imposed by law should be compatible to the aims of that law.”

For example, according to the legislation, property rights might be restricted for the state needs, but with conditions that such restriction shall only be for the aim of relevant law. Thus, any citizens’ property rights shall not be restricted for the favor of other citizen.

With respect to any violation, you have a right to file a complain to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This article was prepared as general information by the attorneys of Baku Attorneys & Consultants (BAC), Azerbaijani law firm. BAC is a full service law firm based in Baku and it has a strong team of highly experienced attorneys and consultants, specialized in rendering various expert services to foreign and local clients in Azerbaijan. Please, feel free to reach us via

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Copyright by BAC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by BAC. All rights reserved.