Startup name check and reserve for registration purposes
Incorporation documents (charter, Incorporation Agreement, Profit sharing agreement and etc…) drafting
Submit incorporation documents for state registration by the relevant executive body.
Prepare and file registrations to do business in other jurisdictions
Assist with writing a statement of purpose, mission statement and description of your program activities, draft required corporate policies
Draft and revise contracts, agreements, memorandums, letters, business and grant proposals, investment agreements and other required legal and business related documents
Give oral and written (memos) legal advice
Attend legal and business related meetings on behalf of a client
Negotiate an investment term with potential investors on behalf of a client
Advise founders on selecting the board of directors and determining structural board issues
Notify regarding board of directors” meetings, draft the organizational meeting minutes for the meetings of the board of directors
Notify the client regarding relevant changes in legislation and advice about procedures if applicable
Dispute resolution (regarding grant obligations, business transactions and etc,,,)
Advise regarding employment structure and resolve labor disputes
Advise regarding intellectual property and patent issues and resolve intellectual property and patent disputes